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 The Guidelines
 Posted: Apr 9 2014, 10:18 AM


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There is hidden information between the lines of this rules. This will show us who takes time to read. If you cannot even read rules, how will you read your story-lines properly? Please provide the hidden information in your audition form


This is a role-playing group. We don't own anything. All rights belong to the owners of the Vampire Diaries. We are not Affiliated with the C.W Network , L.J Smith or anyone else who works with TVD in any way.

Credit:Our page layout is credited at the bottom, pictures are made by our Elena GIlbert. The biography for Taste the Blood was written by the owners, based on The Vampire Diaries.

Our Message

We Welcome you,
Taste The Blood is a role-playing group that is based on the supernatural world in general.

Here we explore the world of vampires, werewolves and witches and how all of this came to be. Silas, the first real immortal turned himself and was subsequently locked away by Quetsiyah for two thousand years. That is, until the Original Family was created. Thus, creating a new branch of immortals, including Klaus.
In this RPG everyone Is a main character. We accept a variety of roles from minor characters to major character, from both TVD and TO and also other supernatural themed tv shows/movies. If you are auditioning for a role that is deceased, we would love for you to explore as to how they would be brought back to the land of the living.

Season on Forum

First and foremost this group is a forum-based role-playing group. We have our own seasons on the forum, with their own AU story-lines. The forum is a way to role-play with more than one person at a time, and come together to create something amazing together. Our seasons have 10 episodes each, and each episode is divided into scenes. If you have read this far, please send us a quote from your favorite book. Each episode has 2 weeks to be completed by the members, with a 3 day extension available upon request. If you won't be around, we require you to let us know in the "writer request" part of the forum. Also, if a member has not posted their part in 3 days we ask that you "god mod" them in, or post for them. If they did not care enough to post, they should not care that you are posting for them.

If you have not posted within the two weeks given for the episodes, you will receive a warning.

If you request an extension and fail to complete or write in your scene, you will receive a warning.

The ONLY way this will NOT apply is if you have informed the owner of a hiatus, or posted in the writer's request portion of the forum.
If after receiving three warnings, you repeat the inactivity, you will be asked to leave our group and your role WILL be re-opened.


You might be wondering how you audition? It's simple! Fill out the form in the audition form thread and send us a new topic with the headline "Auditioning for (Name of the Character). We expect your audition to be literate. Also, you have to be a multi-para role-player in order to audition for this group. We do not accept anything less than at least three-four paragraphs. We normally say quality over quantity, but we do not accept only two paragraphs for an audition, sorry. In your comment, please include how you heard about our group.




If you expect to stay a part of this group, we expect you to be active. This does not mean that we expect you to be on all day, everyday. However, it does mean that we expect you to log in at least 3-4 times a week and ACTUALLY send things out, talk to people, and get stuff done.

Members must write with at least two-three other members. We expect you to write back 1-3 times a week, whilst keeping up with the season role-play.

Activity checks will take place every two weeks. You will have 3 days to respond to this, if you are not on hiatus and have no replied, you will be removed from the group and your role will be re-opened. If a month has passed and we have not seen any actual writing activity from you, you will be removed from the group. We strive to have an active, blossoming group.


Please let us know if you will be absent! It does not take much to inform one of the owners. We understand that sometimes, people are unable to come online, or have things going on IRL. We just ask that you let us know, so that we know you are still interested, and we can find another member to write in for you on the forum or you can post on the forum in the threads given to let us know about your absence and to get someone to fill in for you there.


Once you are a member, if there is a complaint or problem, please bring it to the owners. Elena is NOT the only owner. We have SIX owners; Elena, Liz, Elijah, Rebekah, Dia and Jeremy.


This will not be tolerated. Drama is only allowed in character! In the past we have had some issues with drama. However, we are cracking down on that now. From now on, we will have rules set forth to deal with drama. If there is a problem, we will give you a warning. After your second warning, if you commit the crime again, you will be kicked from the group. This is not something that we ever hope to do, but they are rules that we need to set.

If you have a problem with a member, please come to one of the owners. We will try our best to try and come up with a solution and fix the problem.

Bullying will not be tolerated, if we see any of it taking place you will be removed and blocked.


This is a quicker, easier way to get in contact with members. We do not require that you create an account, however, it is highly recommended. We have a Group chat where you are able to talk to all members who are online at once. We also hold group events and such in the chat. Events will also be taken place here.

Cbox is where you can talk to the members of the group that is online. Tag is also a Cbox where you can write when you have posted in certain scenes. For example: Elena - Stefan's turn to post in _subject of topic here_. This will let others know when it is there turn to post and will be easier for them.


A love interest can be with anyone that is part of the group and doesn't have to be with a set main character that they are with part of the show or movie.


We will have special events throughout the year. Normally, these events will take place around the holidays. Also, please include a picture of your favorite fictional character in your comment. You will be given advance notice for when these events will take place, and what they will consists of. This is so that you can set aside the time for the event.

Please be sure to send all members a message once you are accepted. Story-lines on your thread are left up to you. You are allowed to role-play any type of relationship with anyone, as long as you do not carry it over to the season story-line. You will also get your own thread created where you can make your own profile and have your own storylines set there. In the they tasted it column of 'take a bite taste a member' you can set threads of storyline discussions there before roleplaying in your own profile thread. Finally, inform us as to why you would like to join our group.

We are here to have fun!

If you have read all the Rules please, take a look at our Desired Roles and send in your Audition with audition form in a new topic in the application form thread! We also now have our own ORIGINAL ROLES and are accepting characters from other shows/movies , please send us a message to ask for further information .

Don't miss the chance!
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