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 Seasons Brief., Our seasons brief is here.
 Posted: Apr 12 2014, 04:40 PM

Deadly Devoted

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Season 1.

Everyone is ready for the big dance at Mystic Falls High School, everyone having their own intentions upon coming. Bonnie is out of town and Vicki is getting close to Jeremy while Caroline is stressing out on Elena and Claudia to make sure that everything is perfect for the dance. Bonnie uses a spell on the supernatural to rend them useless, Klaus comes to attack her when he’s stopped by Katherine who informs him that everything is alright and Bonnie did this for a reason. Claudia passes out and is missing, two weeks later she is still missing and Rebekah wants to turn Claudia into a vampire, Tatia offers protection to Claudia and Bonnie and Katherine betray Klaus to plot against the originals. Stefan and Elena have a discussion that Elena may not be a human any longer. Stefan accuses Damon of trying to steal Elena and the two brothers work together in order to find Claudia. Claudia is found showing up in the gym with Caroline and Klaus, with bite marks and blood covering her body. No one knows who it is that has caused this. Claudia has been compelled to believe she is a vampire and starts off on a killing spree which Damon and Stefan find her in Omaha trying to find out who had compelled her, she has a beating heart therefore they know she is human. Damon returns with Claudia to the grill and mentions Alarics name, at hearing his name, he steps forward and Damon wonders how he was brought back. Alaric assures Damon that he is a human, and intends upon killing Niklaus. Killian comes around Jeremy and begins training him to be a hunter, Jenna dislikes Killian and Killian tells Jeremy to kill Jenna, after Jeremy tries, she blurs over and is furious with him. Marcus Salvatore steps in and is introduced. Marcus informs them that they lost their nephew. Marcus and Jenna begin to search for Killian and Jeremy. Killian has a group of vampires set up waiting for Jeremy to kill and Jeremy kills them all, soon enough Marcus and Jenna find them, Jeremy attempts to kill them and Killian ends up with a dagger in his back. Jeremy is brought back to his senses around him. Ethan pulls the dagger out of Jeremy’s back and before they can say anything Jeremy goes away. Jeremy runs off and Kol finds him, Kol had compelled Ethan to force blood to Jeremy, he then kills Jeremy and informs him that he can choose to live or die, but that he was in transition.

Season 2.

Hayley believes that Silas can raise her parents from the dead so she is on a mission to raise him and get the cure. Claudia has a big get family reunion with the Salvatores which leads to a big problem when Katherine is invited. Stefan attacks Marcus for inviting Katherine, Elena snaps her neck and Damon is surprised at this. Eventually both Katherine and Marcus are thrown out of the house. Kol takes Jeremy on a hunt, Jeremy smells human blood and almost attacks April since it belongs to her. April gets upset about the kiss and Rebekah’s new boyfriend claiming that friends shouldn’t date each other’s exes. Rebekah points out that the rule doesn’t apply because Elena is dating Damon and Caroline once had a fling with him. Elena and Damon are spending their time together at the Gilert lake house but get disturbed by Klaus and eventually Silas when Elena proves her love to Damon by protecting him. Silas kills Elena in-front of Damon and Klaus. Jeremy is greatly disturbed by Elena’s death and everyone seems so occupied with other things. Rebekah is interested in getting the cure and Kol could care less about Elena’s death. Jeremy goes to the boarding house, he and Damon bond over the loss and he receives a text from Vicki saying about Qetsiyah, Devlin, and Bonnie and he and Damon go to the morgue to check out Elena’s body. Jeremy starts spending more time with Rebekah, Rebekah tells Jenna that Jeremy was turned, and Jenna asks Jeremy if he is dating Rebekah. Katherine starts pretending to be Elena, she even goes as far as to say that she loves Damon, Jeremy finds out and tells her off then stabs her. Claudia finds out that Hayley is trying to raise Silas and she doesn’t want anything to do with it so she goes to convince Hayley that isn’t the answer and ends up using wolfsbane against her. April is not scared of the originals because they are her friends brothers which annoys Klaus, Klaus confesses a secret that he is going to destroy the cure. April slips up Klaus’s secret to Stefan. Killian and Liz go to Devlin to try to get her to raise Elena. Devlin threatens Liz’s life using magic and Killian agrees. Silas goes to Tyler in the form of Caroline and apologizes and gets him on his side even though it’s really Silas, Tyler is not on team Silas. This does not sit well with Rebekah, because she thinks Tyler is the best shot and goes after Caroline for allowing this to happen. Jenna and Rebekah agree to team up against Tyler and Caroline. Bonnie and Vicki have a discussion about how it wasn’t right for Kol to turn Jeremy, Henrik shows up not revealing himself and moving with the two girls Bonnie uses her magic to trap Kol at the witches burial ground for a few nights. Prudence has a run in from Elijah and the two hit it off immediately, him helping to flip her humanity switch. Stefan searches to find Klaus to thank him, Klaus informs him that he is going to New Orleans but not to get too comfortable with the idea. Klaus has plans and this is the first stage of his plans.

- - - - - ❝ you screwed up, Damon. again. you put me in a position where I have to defend you. again. where i have to bend my morals. again. where i have to go against every single thing that I believe in. AGAIN. because i love you. ❞

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