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Katherine Pierce


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May 21 2014, 03:48 PM
May 21 2014, 03:46 PM


Character's Name:

Playby & Species: Katherine Pierce

Why should we choose you? : Because I am Katherine Pierce, of course. How could you not choose me? *smirks*

How long have you been role-playing for?: 5 years.

How many times can you be online a week?: As often as possible. Unless I am sick|holiday|family reasons.

Have you even been in an RPG Forum before?: I have once. Many years ago.

Have you read the Rules? If so what are our hidden messages?:
Book Quote: “Remember, we're madly in love, so it's all right to kiss me anytime you feel like it.” - The Hunger Games

I heard about the group on
My boyfriend plays the role of Stefan here.

Favorite Character: Me of course -Winks*

I would like to join this group. What reasons can I give? That this group seems active and actually writes. I cannot find that anywhere. Frustrating as it is. I think you have what I need.

Please give a brief explanation of your character, in your own words: Katherine Pierce. She is seductive, Ruthless, A survivor. Katherine is not afraid to go after what she wants. Nothing stops her from doing the one thing she has done almost all her life and that is surviving.

Please include an audition of at least 4-5 well written paragraphs:

Now this wasn't fair. Not to her. Anyone else, she wouldn't have cared. But why her? Hadn't she suffered enough? No.

Human. Death. Vampire. Death. Human. Death. Living Inside Elena. Actual Death.
That was how it had gone for her. Unlucky in her life. Though there was some good points. She was Katherine Pierce after all. The Survivor. Katherine may have ruined a few lives. Correction: MANY. But that wasn't entirely her fault. She needed them in parts of her plans to get to where she wanted. What she wanted, and to live her life to the complete fullest. Though you wouldn't say she was exactly happy by the way she lived her life. Alone, lonely. One person on her mind that brought her back to reality and the girl she used to be. That girl who wanted to be loved.

Stefan Salvatore. Even his name brought back her own memories of their first meeting;the reasons as to why she stayed in Mystic Falls. Had left and come back those years later. Though there was a doppelganger threat in her midst. Envious of her reflection, she had everything she had wanted. Though looking at her life; though she was living her life a lot better than Katherine had done, who had hung and transformed herself into a superior species almost at the beginning of her life. Elena still had the man, the friends, the tactics to stay alive. Whereas Katherine was conniving, to put it short to words. Manipulative.

Katherine was a bitch with claws, there was nothing in this world that could change her. Not even death itself. But to receive the love from Stefan. He was all she wanted. She was reunited with her daughter, who had died with Katherine giving her the most happiest of memories. And although they were not real, she had to. She couldn't leave her daughter alone. So when she had died. This was the last thing she had expected. Stuck on the other side. A darker side. A place she didn't expect to go. A place like hell. Darkness, completely. She was alone once again. Unhappy. And she had to get out of here.

A window of opportunity. A realm upon meeting one person that she had often heard stories about. Mikael Mikaelson. He was her way. And if all had gone right. She would be back in the real world away from this hell.

"No one can stop little old me from coming back home. Watch out. I'll be back"

A smirk displayed on the beauty's lips. She would be back. And they were in for some trouble.

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