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Location: Mystic Falls
Born: 2 June 1991
Henrik Mikaelson is the youngest of the Mikaelson Family. He was rather close to Rebekah and Kol, but usually kept to himself. He always stuck up for his family even when their evil father would attack Niklaus and he always looked up to Niklaus wishing to be like him, fearless and always full of life. Till the day that their little adventure into the woods to watch the werewolves change only to be caught in the cross fire of that rage that built up inside of them. Henrik was badly hurt and was clinging onto life when Niklaus brought him back to their little village that is now known as Mystic Falls, Virgina. When the elder witch Ayana saw to Henrik's aid she had told their mother Ester that he was dead which he wasn't but very weak. She was hoping that Ester would give up her magic but soon found that she was doing the opposite of Ayana's wish. When the time came that Ester planned on turning the whole family into Original Vampires going against nature Ayana's last chance to save Henrik's life was to tap into Ester's magic hoping to save his life. Stealing some of the blood of Tatia the one who had changed them into vampires; Ayana fed the blood to Henrik and soon after drinking the blood Henrik died. After a while he awoke to find out that he was now a Vampire. Ayana stated that she wanted him to run and never look back until the time was right for him to be seen by his family once again. Centuries and Decades passed by until the night that he showed himself in Chicago where he saw his sister Rebekah once again apologizing to her he soon had to hide seeing Nik had came to her and compelled her to forget about the boy she had just met in the club for they had to run from their father Mikael. After many more Decades passed Henrik soon had to come back from being hunted down by none other than Stefan Salvatore after their brief encounter in Chicago as well as he seeked for his help with Henrik's family being back in Mystic Falls. Coming back was something that Henrik soon was going to find more complicated than anything else as he showed up in the doorway of the parlor where his brother's, sister, and mother were getting ready for the annual Mikaelson ball that was going to end up being taken place later on that evening.
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Bonnie Bennett
Hey there Henrik! I just wanted to be the first person to pop your comment cherry. I think you're incredible and awesome and I absolutely love roleplaying with you no matter what the situation is or if it's on forum or You're an amazing person ic and ooc.

Apr 18 2014, 07:29 PM
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